ADI Part 3

Part 3

The Ability to Instruct

The test lasts about 1 hour and is designed to assess whether you can give instruction to a pupil in a worthwhile and a clearly understood manner. You will need to supply a suitable car or you can use our car with prior arrangement. The examiner will assess your ability by role playing the part of the learner pupil.

The test is in two parts, each part lasts approximately 1/2 hour. Part 1 you will be asked to give instructions suitable for a beginner/novice or partly trained pupil. In Part 2 you will need to give instruction to a trained pupil of about test standard, or a role of a driver (full licence holder) which will require further training.

Part 3 Package

  • Lesson diagrams
  • Sample faults bank
  • ADI part 3 Explained
  • ADI part 3 Core Competencies
  • ADI part 3 Sample lesson plans & Briefings
  • 40 hours tuition
  • 20 hours additional tuition to be used as and when required (trainee licence verification)


All training undertaken in the Cardiff area, other areas can be accommodated but additional costs may be occurred.

To discuss this further please contact us on 029 2031 5355 or use our contact form.

*Note Examination fees are extra, T & C’s apply.

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